Endpapers Press

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Endpapers Press publishes commercial fiction and nonfiction across four imprints.

Ignition Books: Fiction that Lights Your Fire!™

This includes thrillers, mysteries, women's fiction, romance, action adventure, and more.

Quadrant Books: Taking You in a New Direction™

This includes nonfiction, in particular military history, military memoir, and other military-related nonfiction. It also includes journalistic nonfiction about any subject that may have a strong appeal outside of academia, general memoir that will appeal to a wide audience, travel/adventure, and books related to pop culture.

Heliosphere Books: Pushing the Limits of Your Imagination™

Science-fiction, fantasy, and horror that fills readers with wonder and amazement . . . or makes them afraid to turn out the lights at night.

Endpapers Press: Writing in Three Dimensions™

Literary fiction with an emphasis on excellent writing and character development and plots revolving more about human interaction and emotion than events.

Endpapers Press