Endpapers Press publishes commercial fiction and nonfiction across four imprints.

Ignition Books: Fiction that Lights Your Fire!™

This includes thrillers, mysteries, women's fiction, romance, action adventure, and more.

Quadrant Books: Taking You in a New Direction™

This includes nonfiction, in particular military history, military memoir, and other military-related nonfiction. It also includes journalistic nonfiction about any subject that may have a strong appeal outside of academia, general memoir that will appeal to a wide audience, travel/adventure, and books related to pop culture.

Heliosphere Books: Pushing the Limits of Your Imagination™

Science-fiction, fantasy, and horror that fills readers with wonder and amazement . . . or makes them afraid to turn out the lights at night.

Endpapers Press: Writing in Three Dimensions™

Literary fiction with an emphasis on excellent writing and character development and plots revolving more about human interaction and emotion than events.

So you haven't been able to find an agent. That's okay. We accept submissions "over the transom" directly from authors. But we have to be honest, submissions that come in directly from authors are going to be read after submissions from agents.  Think of agents as a filter that helps narrow down the search for good books.

But we know what a subjective business publishing is. A book one agent hates might be one another agent loves. There are, you know, plenty of stories of writers who were rejected over and over, only to become best-selling authors.

So, we're keeping an open mind and an open submission policy. We'll look at everything that is submitted to us and we'll respond to everything. It just might take a while. So thanks in advance for your patience and thanks for sharing your work with us!
Advances in technology have lowered the cost of entry to publishing your work and many authors have discovered they can "self-publish" their out-of-print titles. Unfortunately, these self-published titles often look self-published, rather than professional. The effort and costs associated with bringing an out-of-print book back to the marketplace can be considerable, including cover art, cover design, interior design, scanning, conversion, proofreading, as well as set-up and distribution fees. And those are just the obviously out-of-pocket costs.

You need a publisher to help you bring those books back into print and make them available for sale directly via the major online booksellers. Please consider Endpapers Press and allow us to reissue your previously published book in eBook and trade-paperback formats.
Thank you for considering Endpapers Press for your client's work. As an editor who has worked in-house or on a freelance basis for a number of major publishers, as well having been an agent myself, I understand the pros and cons of submitting to a new small press. And I greatly appreciate your giving us this opportunity.

We are prioritizing agent submissions and hope to get back to all submissions in a timely manner.

Thank you, again, for sharing your client's work with us.

Andrew Zack
Endpapers Press